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Mirror matter is an alternative source of energy. Physicists and engineers have been studying mirror matter, which is also called antimatter in the scientific community for seventy-five years. Mirror matter can be a solid, liquid, gas or plasma and is composed antimatter elements that have been incorporated into a Periodic Table of Matter & Antimatter Elements. Each of the antimatter element?s physical, chemical, and nuclear characteristics have been defined to such an extent that people know all most as much about ?mirror matter? as matter.

In 1898, Arthur Schuster, a British physicist, coined the names "antimatter" and "anti-atoms." Schuster believed there were entire stellar systems of antimatter that were indistinguishable from our solar system. He believed that matter and antimatter would annihilate each other to produce an enormous quantity of energy and anticipated the concepts of special relativity and quantum physics.  

In 1905, Albert Einstein unveiled his special relativity theory and his famous equation, E=mc2. Max Planck proposed light was composed of little packets called "quantum? to explain how light was not just a wave or just a particle, but a combination of both. Erwin Schr?dinger and Werner Heisenberg apply the concept to the atoms and developed quantum theory of physics for slow moving particles.  

In 1928, Paul Dirac combined quantum theory and special relativity. The solution contained an electron with positive energy, and a positive electron (positron or hole) with negative energy. Carl Anderson discovered the positron in cosmic showers. Both Dirac and Anderson received Nobel Prizes. Dirac theorized for every particle, there exists a corresponding antiparticle; and there were antimatter stars and planets. 

In 1956, Tsung Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang, Chinese physicists, proposed mirror matter or antimatter interacted in the same way as ordinary particles, except that ordinary particles have left-handed interactions, mirror particles have right-handed interactions. Lee and Yang received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The discovery of anti-protons and antineutrons supported the theory that there was symmetry between ?ordinary matter? and ?mirror matter? in the Universe.  

In 1966, Hannes Alfven proposed the Plasma Model of the Universe that was composed of similar quantities of matter and antimatter. Alfven received the Nobel Prize for his contributions to plasma physics and space plasmas. Anthony Peratt developed computer models to simulate every known galaxy in the Universe. In our galaxy, the sun is one of the billions of stars that are composed of matter; and there are a similar number of antimatter stars.  

In 1984, Carlo Rubbia and Simon Van der Meer receive the Nobel Prize for their contributions for making, storing and colliding antimatter with matter which resulted in the discovering the W and Z bosons. Matter-antimatter symmetry was confirmed for the twenty-four elementary particles. Physicists at Fermilab are looking for the Higgs bosons that gives particles mass. CERN plans to use the Large Hadrons Collider to look for the Higgs bosons

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In 1988, Robert L. Forward, American physicist, used "mirror matter" as an alternative for what is commonly called ?antimatter? to emphasize that antimatter was a mirror image of matter.  In his book, Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics, he describes how particle accelerators could be used to make, capture, store, and use mirror matter or antimatter. Forward consulted with NASA and U.S. Air Force on how mirror matter or antimatter for space propulsion. 

In 2002, comets were discovered to be natural sources of mirror matter. The announcement was made at the April 2002 joint meeting of American Physical Society and American Astronomical SocietyThis is the greatest discovery since mankind discovered fire. When matter and ?mirror matter? come together, they produce Mirror Energy according to Einstein?s equation, E=mc2.
Any one of the hundreds of comets in our solar system could supply the entire World?s energy needs for billions of year.

More Scientific explanation of mirror matter.

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