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Mirror Matter Physics

Robert L. Forward, American physicist, in his book, Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics described how accelerators could be used for making, capturing, storing, and using mirror matter or antimatter.  He consulted for years with NASA and the U.S. Air Force on using mirror matter for space propulsion. Looking back over the last twenty-five years, we have the opportunity to evaluate some of his perceptions of the future.  

He believed that grams of mirror matter could be produced for about $10 million per milligram.  Based upon recent articles, approximately 100 milligrams of mirror matter are being made by particle accelerators each year at about $100 million per milligram. The cost of making mirror matter is about $10 billion per year. The United States has developed advanced aircraft and spacecraft that use mirror matter for propulsion. 

He discussed spacecraft traveling to the colonies on the Moon. The spacecraft could take off from airports, travel trips into space, and land at airports anywhere in the World. By using five milligrams of mirror matter, a five metric ton spacecraft could initially travel to the Moon for about $100 million or $20 million per person. This compares to NASA’s plans to spend $10 billion per trip for traveling to the Moon or $2 billion per astronauts.

He discussed spacecraft traveling Mars in days to visit people living in communities on the planet. Today, manned spaceflights to Mars are possible by relocating NASA existing budget. The important questions are: Is Mars’ environmental conducive for people to live on the planet? When was Mars’ atmosphere blown off the planet? If the explosion was recent event, did people live on the planet? 

He discussed Russian facilities on the Moon that were making and processing ten kilograms of mirror matter per year. Today, the technical understanding of mirror matter exists for the United States to achieve Energy Independence with 200 kilograms of mirror matter, which can replace one billion tons of coal, 4 billion barrels of oil (11 million barrels per day), and 6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Carbon dioxide levels could be reduced by 3.8 billion tons or 50 percent.

Mirror Energy is produced by bringing together “ordinary matter” and “mirror matter,”
which produces energy according to Einstein’s equation E = mc2

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