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Norm Hansen Bio

Mr. Hansen is President of Energy USA Inc. The phase of the plan is to educate billions of students and public on Mirror Energy, which is the most efficient energy source in the Universe. Initial funding will be used to purchase a success book publishing company with a proven track record and expand the business into the multi-trillion dollar Education, Transportation, and Energy Markets. We are seeking capitalists and energy investors who want to get over 10 times their return on their investment.

Background: He worked for over fifteen years at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) for United States Department of Energy. Fermilab is a $2 billion high energy physics research  laboratory with an over $300 million dollar operating budget. He was involved in project management that included design, construction, and operation of accelerators that made antimatter, detectors that observed matter-antimatter energy collisions, and computer facilities that analyzed the data for elementary particles. He was DOE Project Manager for the D-Zero Detector where matter and antimatter comes together to produce Mirror Energy along with elementary particles.

After U.S. Department of Energy, he began searching for a natural source of antimatter or mirror matter in our solar system. Knowing antimatter was a mirror image of matter, anti-hydrogen had been identified by CERN in 1995, he identified 108 antimatter elements and incorporated them into a Periodic Table of Matter-AntiMatter Elements. Each antimatter element's nuclear, chemical and physical characteristics has been defined to such an extent that people know almost as much about antimatter as matter. Knowing antimatter or mirror matter can be solid, liquid, gas or plasma, he discovered comets were composed of antimatter or mirror matter from the gamma rays, x-rays and spectrum of radiation including light coming from the comets.

At April 2002 joint meeting of American Physical Society and American Astronomical Society, he announced the discovery that comets are natural sources of antimatter: one of the greatest discovery since mankind discovered fire.  He also presented the Periodic Table of Matter-Antimatter Elements, which included 109 matter and 109 antimatter elements. When matter and antimatter come together, energy is created according to Einstein's equation of mass times the speed of light squared or E = mc2: The most efficient energy source in the universe.

He also identified that antimatter sungrazer comets are colliding with the Sun and producing enormous sunspots and solar storms. the energy from one sungrazer comet's collision with the Sun was measured in billions of tons of TNT or enough energy to supply the entire World's energy needs for over 10,000 years. The explosions on the Sun are so powerful that they have disrupted communication and electrical power on Earth. According to The New York Times article, antimatter comets are colliding with stars throughout the Universe and are the source of gamma-ray bursts that scientists have been studying for 40 years.

He developed the websites, www.AntimatterEnergy.com and www.matter-antimatter.com to help people understand the synergistic effects of bringing together the fields of particle physics and astrophysics that show how the science, technology, and economics that will bring every country into the twenty-first century and turn the Star Trek dream into reality.  In fifty years, the World's Gross National Product will grow to over $360 trillion or $60,000 per person, However, the real benefits will come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them a World-Class Education, and empowering them to live out their dreams.

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He developed this website to provide a plan on how Mirror Energy is going to replace coal, oil and natural gas as the World?s Primary Source of Energy. Mirror Power plants will convert matter directly to electricity according to Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2. Fossil power plants can be upgraded to Mirror Power plants that are three times more efficient. The additional power  will be used to produce electricity or hydrogen for motor vehicles and industrial applications. 

The billions of tons of coal, billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas could be used for making products to bring every country into the 21st millennium rather than burning them and destroying our environmentThe exponential growth of Mirror Energy is going to create endless opportunities in which the United States will achieve Energy Independence from foreign oil within 15 years. 

He believes every child should have a World-Class Education. By rolling back government, which was done in New Zealand, he completed a study showing how students can receive a World-Class Education and the taxpayers receive tax relief by holding school board members, superintendents and principals accountable. Chicago?s Public World Class Schools would be replicated using $1 billion/year in saved and $1 billion/year would be provided in property tax relief.  By eliminating Chicago Public Schools 50% dropout rate, another $3 billion per year could be saved in social warfare, unemployment, and crime.

He has made presentations and talked to hundreds of people within government, business, education at American Physical Society, American Astronomical Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association of Energy Engineers, Mars Society, Lions Club, Chambers of Commerce, and Department of Energy, Office of Science, High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP). HEPAP is composed of World-Class high-energy physicists and astrophysicists. 

Education: He has a Bachelors and Masters of Science, Masters in Business Administration, plus numerous training classes in Outcome Based Performance Objectives and Measures, Project Management, and Environmental, Health & Safety Laws and Regulations. He is a Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager.

Memberships: He is a member of Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Association of Energy Engineers, American Physical Society, American Astronautical Society, National and Illinois Societies of Professional Engineers, Mars Society, and Winfield Chambers of Commence.

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