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Clean Power Plants will generate electricity, provide energy to manufacture consumer & industrial products, desalt seawater for domestic drinking water and irrigating crops, and split water directly into hydrogen & oxygen for industrial applications. 10,000 clean power plants can take billions of starving people out of poverty and bring every country into the 21st century within the next thirty-five years. Coal, oil, biomass and natural gas are used to make products for billions of people. Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced. Billions of jobs would be created that would stimulate the World's Economy. 

United States and other countries have been spend billions of dollars for six decades researching, developing, and building the clean power plants. Ten manufacturing facilities could assemble one power plan a week or 500 power plants per year. There is enough thorium and uranium to supply the World's energy needs for over 1,000 year; and mirror matter to supply the World's energy needs for billions of years.

AEE Chicago Chapter speakers discussed Thorium, Uranium, and Mirror Energy which lead to the development of the World Modernization Program. The meetings were held at Argonne National Laboratory.


Clean Thorium Power Plants: John Kutsch, Executive Director, Thorium Energy Alliance, discuss how a Commercial Thorium Power Plant could generate clean electricity from one metric ton of Thorium.  Thorium reactors were developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Recycling takes place on the site. Thorium can supply the World?s clean energy needs for over 1,000 years. Thorium Power Plants can supply electricity cheaper than coal or 3 cents kilowatt-hour. There is an excellent book entitled, Thorium Energy Cheaper the Coal, written by Robert Hargraves.

John discussed rare earth elements that are found when mining Thorium. The rare earth elements are used in the trillion-dollar electronics industry. China currently supplies 99% of the elements.
For more information, please visit
Thorium Energy Alliance and Energy from Thorium websites. 


Clean Uranium Power Plants: Roger Blomquist, Argonne National Laboratory Nuclear Engineer, discussed how Breeder Power Plants used uranium to generate electricity. Fast breeder reactors were the first to generated electricity. Most people thought breeder power plants were the only practicable way to generate nuclear electricity. ANL has now demonstrated that clean fast neutron reactors are inherently safe and can be used for disposal of nuclear waste.

Breeder Power Plants extract more than a hundred times more energy from each kilogram of uranium mined. Fuel recycling takes place on the site. The research and technology was developed at Argonne National Laboratory.
For more information, please visit Argonne National Laboratory Breeder Program and ANL's Out Loud Public Lecture Series on Nuclear Energy.


Clean Mirror Power Plants: Norm Hansen, Energy USA President, discussed how mirror matter can be used to generate electricity by the conversion of matter & mirror matter into Mirror Energy according to the mass times the speed of light squares or E = mc2. A commercial Mirror Power Plants would produce 10 Billion kilowatt-hours of electricity using 200 grams or seven ounces of mirror matter rather than billions of metric tons of coal.

Mirror matter
can be used to produce propulsion. Spacecraft can take of from airports and enable people to travel to space station orbiting the Earth in minutes, communities on the Moon in hours, and Mars in days. They are working on advance research and development designs to turn Gene Roddenberry's dream of travel to the stars into reality in this century.

The Worlds leader's decision to stay the coarse is unacceptable. Supplying only about one-third of the World?s energy needs; burning food to produce energy rather the feeding millions of starving people; producing bureaucratic laws, writing millions of regulations, and implementing Carbon Tax. and fighting hundreds of military conflicts around the World are only masks the World's need for more clean, efficient energy.

World Leaders need to change from carbon energy to a clean energy economy. United States and European Union Leaders need to collaborate with the United Nations and other World Leader to take billion of starving people out of poverty. Coal, oil, biomass and natural gas should be used for making consumer and industrial products rather than burning them and destroying our environment. Every country should have sufficient energy to move the 21st  century based upon their energy needs, climate, religious values, country's customs, and traditions.

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