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Energy Economy

�We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them.�
Albert Einstein

The Energy Economy brings every country into the 21st century by supplying 10 billion people with abundant, clean, efficient energy without destroying our environment. Leadership is required to make this quantum leap. Leader�s caveman thinking inside the box changes to thinking about the unlimited opportunities outside the box. Leaders learn to work together and eliminate the war, pestilence, and famine, which have plagued Humanity for thousands of years. 

Every country or region has modernization plans to move their people into the 21st century.
An example is China's Smart City Urbanization Plan for 300 million people. The plan leverages expertise in infrastructure with collaborative business models. Companies deliver complete solutions to help make cities more efficient, livable, and sustainable by focusing on key areas: energy, transportation, buildings & homes, water, and public services.


Factories manufacture 10,000 Breeder & Mirror Power plants that generate electricity, provide energy to make consumer & industrial products, desalt seawater for domestic drinking water and irrigating crops, and split water directly into hydrogen & oxygen for industrial applications. Other clean energy sources include nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, & solar energy. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by fifty percent.


Better utilization of the natural resources turns scarcities into surpluses. Countries stop using food as sources of energy and supply the food to starving people. The billions of tons of coal, billions of barrels of oil, billons of tons of biomass, and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas are turned into petrochemicals for making consumers and industrial products rather than burning them and destroying Earth's environment.

By having government, academia, and business leaders work collegiately together like they did for implementing of the Internet, the Global Economy grows to over $1,000 trillion in 35 years; and the Space Economy grows to over $50 trillion. However, the real benefits come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them the opportunity to have a world-class education, and empowering them to fulfill their dreams.


About 4 billion people are living in prosperous countries. China's Smart City Urbanization Plan
moves 300 million people into cities. By replicating China�s plan by a factor of ten, 3 billion people move into the 21st century. By replicating the plan again, 3 billion people, who will be born in the next thirty-five years, move into the 21st century or a total of 10 billion people.

The factories, which manufacture the 10,000 Breeder & Mirror Power plants, are built in the United States or other counties. United States is the World�s leader in producing petrochemical for making consumer and industrial products.

Space is the final frontier. Airplanes will travel any where in the World using milligrams rather than thousands of tons of fuel. Spacecraft will take people into space in minutes and communities on Moon in hours and Mars in days..

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