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Spacecraft to the Moon & Beyond

Commercialization of space has already begun. Communication satellites currently dominate the space industry. Space travel has been limited to about a hundred people. Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth and Gregory Olsen  each paid $20 million to Space Adventures to become the first space visitors. Commercial suborbital flights will take people on flights into space 62 miles (100 kilometers), experience weightlessness, and view the Earth from space. The Space Island Group plans to build circular amusement parks that will rotate at one-third normal gravity to enable dining, bathing, and other activities without the harmful physical zero-gravity effects.

Using Mirror Energy for propulsion, spacecraft could take people to space stations orbiting the Earth in minutes, Moon in hours, and Mars in days. The spacecraft will be able to take off and land from international airports anywhere in the World.  The Mirror Propulsion will be based upon the over twenty years of research and develop on mirror propulsion. An experimental spacecraft will be designed, manufactured and tested to demonstrate Mirror Propulsion.

Using Mirror Propulsion, a 5 metric ton spacecraft could take astronauts to explore the Moon. Using five grams of mirror matter or the mass of a nickel, a spacecraft could take 1,000 trips to the Moon without refueling or one spaceflight every week for twenty years. A 20 metric ton spacecraft could enable people to take Space Adventures and begin construction of Luna facilities on the Moon. A 200 metric ton spacecraft could take tourist and supplies the Moon.  The time to travel to the Moon could take less than traveling from United States to China. 

Mars exploration could be accomplished with a 200 metric ton spacecraft that could take people to Mars in days. Mars space flights are estimated to cost $20 million per person. If the cost of  equipment and supplies for three month are included, the estimated cost is $5 billion compared to NASA estimates of over $500 billion. NASA�s centuries old technology is very inefficiency. The mass of spacecraft divided by the mass of the launch vehicle is about 1% efficient compared to 98% efficiency for Mirror Propulsion Spacecraft.

During the last century, airplanes revolutionized travel In this century, millions of people will have the opportunity to take Space Adventures. In the next fifty years, the Space Economy could grow to over $50 trillion. Starships similar to Star Trek Enterprise could take people to explore the stars, planets, and find new life forms within the Milky Way Galaxy. Gene Roddenberry�s Star Trek Dream could become a reality in the 21st century rather than the 23rd century.

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