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India Clean Energy Plan

India wants to become a World Class country. The Clean Energy Plan (2010 - 2050) would use Clean Power Plants to provide clean efficient energy to the country's growing population that is projected to increase from 1,250 million to 1,600 million people. The country's overall energy efficiency would increase to 70%. Hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, and wind would continue to supply a small percentage of the energy needs. Coal, oil, biomass, and natural gas, which are being burned and destroying  Earth�s environment, would be used to make products. 

Thorium, Uranium and Mirror Power Plants would supply the India's energy needs for thousands of years. The graphs show the astounding demand for energy. The India Energy Consumption (blue) grows for about thirty years and then levels off, as the country would have sufficient energy to move into the 21st century. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecast the India Carbon Energy Consumption (pink). 

                                  India Energy Consumption by U.S. Energy Information Administration

The next graph shows carbon dioxide emissions would grow to about 2.5  billion metric tons (blue), which is 1.5 billion metric tones less than the projected 4 billion metric tons (pink). There would be a small increase during the conversion from carbon to clean energy and level off at abut 2.5 billion metric.

Projected India  Carbon Dioxide Emissions by U.S. Energy Information Administration

If government, business, and education leaders can work collegiately together as they did with the establishment of the Internet, clean energy efficient electrical power and transportation will create enormous environmental benefits and economic opportunities. 

Companies could would manufacture consumer and industrial produces from the 800 million tons of coal, 800 millions barrels of oil, and million barrels of biomass rather than burning them and destroying our environment.

The India�s Clean Energy Economy grows to over $160 trillion in forty years. Power plants would generate clean energy and carbon dioxide emissions reduced. Billion of jobs would be stimulating India�s economy.  But, the real benefits would come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them the opportunity for World-Class education and empowering them to live out their dreams.