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�We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them.�
Albert Einstein

Mirror Energy, an alternative energy source, can supply the entire World's energy needs for billions of years. Mirror Energy is the most efficient source of energy in the World and comes from the conversion of matter and mirror matter into energy. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on developing the technology. Implementation requires educating students and the public on the science and technology. 

To educate elementary school, high school, and university students, a $1 billion is needed to acquire a publishing company that can publish and sell billions of books in the $1 trillion World�s Education Market. New books are need because this is a new field of chemistry, physics, and engineering. Infusing $1 trillion of intellectual property into the publishing company will increase the gross revenue five fold in five years and grow into an over $5 billion business. 

A $10 Billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) is planned to demonstrate how Mirror Power plants produce electricity, aircraft can fly for months with out refueling, and manned spacecraft can travel round trip to the Moon. United States can achieve Energy Independence in fifteen years if government, education and business leaders can work collegiately together, as they did with the Internet. Gross revenues are expended to exceed $50 billion.

Upgrading fossil power plants to Mirror Power plants, which are three times more efficient, will be financed by the $500 billion per year spend on foreign oil. The additional power will produce electricity and/or hydrogen for over 200 millions of motor vehicles and commercial applications. The $3.5 trillion per year, which other countries spend on oil each year, will be used to take advantage of this opportunity. Gross revenues are expected to exceed $500 billion.  

The billions of tons of coal, billions of barrels of oil, and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas will be used to make new products to bring every country into 21st century rather than burning them and destroying our environment. In fifty years, the World�s Economy will grow to over $600 trillion or $80,000 per person. But, the real benefits will come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them a World-Class education, and empowering them to live out their dreams. 

Looking for investors who are looking for high risk investment
with the potentially opportunity to getting over 
ten times their return on their investment.


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