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?Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.?
Albert Einstein

The World Clean Energy Plan (2010 - 2050) would provide clean, efficient energy for ten billion people, bring every country into the 21st century, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions levels. Clean Power Plants along with hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, and wind would provide clean efficient energy. Coal, oil, biomass, and natural gas, which are being burned and destroying Earth?s environment, would be used to make products for billions of people. 

As World?s population grows from 7 to 10 billion people, the World?s energy efficiency increases from 40% to 70%. Thorium, Uranium and Mirror Power Plants would supply countries with clean, efficient energy. Using clean energy, cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, airplanes for transportation operate more efficiently. To help understand how energy is produced and used, the metric system of kilowatt-hours is used rather than British Thermal Units. 

The graph shows the major differences between clean and carbon energy. The Clean Energy Consumption (blue) grows at about 4% for thirty years and levels off at 660 trillion kilowatt hours, as world?s population on grows to ten billion people. Every country has sufficient energy to move into the 21st century. Using carbon energy, the International Energy Outlook 2013 forecasts the World Energy Consumption (pink) grows to 400 Trillion kilowatt hours or a difference of 260 Trillion kilowatt hours. This mean that hundreds countries and billion of people would struggle to obtain sufficient energy.

Projected World Energy Consumption by U.S. Energy Information Administration

The graph shows the dramatic difference in carbon dioxide emissions. Using carbon energy, the  U.S. Energy Information Administration projects the World will be producing 50 billion metric tons (pink), compared to using clean energy that reduces carbon dioxide emissions (pink) to less than 30 billion metric tons or a difference of 20 billion metric tons. If the Industrialized countries don?t use the cap and trade, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced in half to 15 billion metric tons. 

Making a direct comparison with the World Clean Energy Consumption and World Carbon Energy Consumption (2010 - 2050) would increase the energy demand by factor of six and carbon dioxide emissions would increase to 200 billion metric tons per year. These are clearly unacceptable alternatives.

Projected World Carbon Dioxide Emissions by U.S. Energy Information Administration

If World government, business, and education leaders can work collegiately together as they did with the establishment of the Internet, clean energy efficient, electric power, and transportation will create enormous environmental benefits and economic opportunities. 

bullet Manufacturing facilities will assemble 10,000 clean power plants to generate electricity, make petrochemicals from coal, biomass, & oil, manufacture consumer & industrial products, desalt seawater for domestic drinking water and irrigating crops, and split water directly into hydrogen & oxygen for industrial applications.
bulletCountries would manufacture billions of products from some combination of the 6.8 billion tons of coal, 33 billions barrels of oil, and 117 trillion cubic feet of natural gas rather than burning them every year and destroying Earth's environment. Biomass programs, which are burning billions of tons food, are simply eliminated and the food supplied to million of starving people.
bulletUsing the International Energy Outlook 2013's estimate for carbon resource, a 50% reduction in burning coal, oil, biomass and natural gas would ensure that there would be enough carbon resources to supply the World with consumer and industrial products for millions of years. 

The World Clean Energy Economy grows to over $1,000 trillion; and the Space Economy grows to over $50 trillion. Billions of jobs are created. Power plants would generate clean energy to bring every country into the 21st century and reduced carbon dioxide emissions levels. However, the real benefits come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them an opportunity for World-Class education, and empowering them to live out their dreams.

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