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Today, energy and transportation are multi-trillion markets. The company plans to manufacture and sell Mirror Power sources for generating electricity by converting matter and mirror matter directly into electricity. In addition to generating electricity, off-peak power can be used to produce oxygen for commercial applications and hydrogen for motor vehicles that will become new sources of income for electrical power companies. The Hydrogen Economy is  evolving. The technology for producing hydrogen and oxygen from water is thoroughly understood.

Today, making antimatter or mirror matter is extremely expensive at $36 trillion per milligram. Because the cost and limited quantities, antimatter hasn't been considered for generating electricity. The cost is $720 million per kilowatt hour. All the antimatter matter manufactured in one day could only provide electricity for a 100 watt light bulb for seven seconds.

Any one of the hundreds of comets could supply billion of metric tons of mirror matter that could supply the World entire energy needs for billions of years. For example 20 grams of mirror energy (mass of four nickel) could operate a 100 megawatt electrical power plant for one year.

The initial cost of mining mirror matter from comets will be about $10 million per milligram or cost $200 per kilowatt hour. With advancements in technology, the cost of mirror matter will decrease to $1 million per gram or 2 cents per kilowatt hour without including the capital costs.

We plan to have an extensive Mirror Energy research and development program. The Company plans to design, manufacture, operate, test, market and sell to electric utility companies: 100 Megawatt, 1 Gigawatt, 10 Gigawatt Mirror Power Sources and Mirror Power Plants. 100 Megawatt Mirror Power Sources would replace the average coal fired electric power plants, 1 Gigawatt Mirror Power Sources would replace the larger fossil fuel power plants, and 10 Gigawatt. Mirror Power Sources would be used in Energy Parks for heavy industrial manufacturing.

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