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World Carbon Energy Plan

The World Carbon Energy Plan (2010 - 2050) to bring every country into the 21st century has major problems. There isn�t enough coal, oil, biomass, or natural gas to sustain ten billion people. As the World�s population grows from seven to ten billion people during the next forty years, there would be devastating impacts.

The World Carbon Energy Consumption would have to increase at 7% per year to 1,100 Trillion kilowatt-hours (yellow) or a factor of six. This compares to the World Clean Energy Consumption (blue) would grows to 600 Trillion kilowatt hours and could supply every country with sufficient energy to move into the 21st century. And the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecast that the World Carbon Energy Consumption (pink) would grow to 380 Trillion kilowatt-hours and leave hundreds of countries and billion of people struggling to obtain sufficient energy.

Projected World Energy Consumption by U.S. Energy Information Administration

In the World Carbon Energy Plan, carbon dioxide emissions would increase at 7% per year from 33 to 200 billion metric tons per year (yellow). In the Clean Energy Plan, carbon dioxide emissions (blue) would increase to an estimated 40 billion metric tons during conversion from carbon to clean energy and decrease to 30 billion metric tons. The Energy Information Administration estimates carbon dioxide emissions (pink) would continue to grow to over 50 billion metric tons. This World Carbon Energy Plan alternative, which would increase carbon dioxide emissions to 200 billion metric tons per year, is clearly unacceptable.

Projected World Carbon Dioxide Emissions by U.S. Energy Information Administration

The current politician solution, shown in the pink, is to stay the coarse. Supplying only one-third of the World�s energy needs; burning food to produce energy rather the feeding millions of starving people; producing bureaucratic laws, regulations, and taxes to hide the problem; and fighting hundreds of military conflicts around the World. This alternative is also unacceptable.  


If World government, business, and education leaders can work collegiately together as they did with the establishment of the Internet, clean efficient energy would create billions of jobs. Every country would have sufficient energy to bring them into the 21st century based upon their energy needs, climate, customs, and traditions. Coal, oil, biomass and natural gas would be used to products for billions of people. 

Using the World Clean Energy Plan, the World's Economy should grow to over $900 trillion. Every country�s economy would be stimulated. However, the real benefits will come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them the opportunity to have a World-Class education, and empowering them to live out their dreams.


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