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News Release 61
Energy Independence Plan
September 28, 2008

Energy Independence can be achieved by using: Wind, Nuclear, and Mirror Energy.  America is addicted to 7.7 billion barrels of which 5.4 billion barrels are imported. The annual cost of the imported oil is $700 billion dollars. If United States didn�t import the oil, America wouldn't have the current $700 billion trade deficit, which is causing the financial crises.

Pickens Plan is to build wind facilities in the corridor that stretches from the Texas panhandle to North Dakota could produce 22% of the electricity so that the natural gas, which is being used to generate electricity. According to NGVAmerica, more than 7 million NGVs in use worldwide. The natural gas Honda Civic GX is rated as the cleanest production vehicle in the world. The natural gas to power could be use to operate 52 million vehicles similar to one shown below.


The Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle is the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle in the world according to the EPA.

Nuclear Power Plan could build 120 nuclear power plants that could supply an additional 30% of the United States electricity and supplying electricity or hydrogen for motor vehicles. There are 104 commercial nuclear generating units in the United States. U.S. General Motors, Ford, and BYD are working on electric cars. BYD is working on electric-hybrid cars that it plans to sell in China starting later this year, and in Europe by 2010. Electricity and hydrogen will be use to power to another 70 million vehicles.

Complements of Exelon Corporation

BYD Auto's F0 model

BYD Auto's F0 model

Energy USA Plan is to upgrade upgrading fossil power plants to Mirror Power plants that are three times more efficient and use the additional power to produce electricity and hydrogen for   millions of motor vehicles and industrial applications. Mirror Energy is the most efficient source of energy in the World and comes from the conversion of matter and mirror matter into energy. Electricity or hydrogen could be use to power to another 70 million vehicles.


Compliments of

Honda FCX
Complements of Honda FCX Hydrogen Car

In ten years, Unites States could have 192 million motor vehicles or ninety-six percent of them using natural gas, electricity, and hydrogen. Over 2.3 billion barrels of domestic oil will be used to make million of new products that will be sold to Americans and abroad.

The $700 billion, which America spends on importing foreign oil, will finance the $3.6 trillion that would be needed or $1.2 trillion for each energy alternative. The cost would be half the $7 trillion that America plans to spend on foreign oil over the next ten years. With the large number of companies involved in achieving energy independence, a competitive environment will be created that will stimulate America's economy and create million of high tech jobs.

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