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News Release 16:
Energy Independence Plan
February 1, 2006

An Energy Independence Plan was develop that will enable the United States to achieve Energy Independence within fifteen years. One billion tons of coal, 4 billion barrels of oil (11 million barrels per day), and 6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas could be replaced with 200 kilograms of antimatter (mass of two football players). Carbon dioxide and methane level can be reduced by 3.8 billion tons or 53 percent.  United States� Economy could grow from $13 trillion today to over $150 trillion in the Global Economy. 

To save time and money, the existing utility infrastructure could be upgraded. The steam turbines and generators would be replaced with Mirror Power sources. Mirror Energy can be produced by conversion of matter and antimatter directly into electricity. Off-peak power can be used to make oxygen for industrial application and hydrogen for motor vehicles.  Utility electrical generating companies could have two new source of income.

The Hydrogen Economy becomes reality as the local utility electrical power companies supply the hydrogen for vehicles, existing service stations are upgraded to provide hydrogen for vehicles, and auto companies produce cars that burn hydrogen.  50 million metric tons would be required for 200 automobiles in the United States. General Motors estimates, if 12,000 services stations were located in the country�s 100 largest cities, 70 percent of the population would be within two miles of a service station. At $1 million per station, the $12 billion cost would be half the cost of building the Alaska oil pipeline in today's dollars.

The coal, oil and natural gas could be used to make products to bring every country into the twenty-first century rather than burning them and destroying our environment.  Today only four percent of the oil is used for making products. The other 96 percent of the oil, the tons of coal and trillions of cubic feet of gas could also be used to make recyclable products. The oil tanks can be converted into cargo ships to take the products to countries around the World.

The Energy Independence Plan was based upon the Internet model in which government, business and educational organizations to work collegiately together to help humanity. The source of the energy information, which was used to develop the plan, comes from the United States Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-860, Annual Electric Generator Report published on www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/electricity/epa/_ftn3

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