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News Release 27:
IEEE Scanfax Magazine Article
April 25, 2006

IEEE Scanfax May 2006 issue featured an article:

United States achieves Energy Independence
with Mirror Energy

by Norm Hansen, President, Energy USA, Inc

Humanity is going to make quantum leaps into the twenty-first century with the recent discovery of a new source of energy called Mirror Energy.  The technology comes from the United States and other countries multibillion-dollar high-energy physics and astrophysics research programs. To understand the future requires a paradigm shift in your thinking on how we use the World�s limited natural resources. A hundred years ago, we were burning wood to keep warm until the forests were gone. Coal, oil, and natural became the new sources of energy. Today, we have a similar situation. We are burning billions of tons of coal, billions of barrels of oil, trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and destroying our environment. Mirror Energy is going to replace coal, oil, and natural gas as the World�s Primary Source of Energy.  

Using the Internet Model, the United States can achieve Energy Independence within fifteen years; as well as, help other countries move into the twenty-first century. Mirror Power plants can convert matter and antimatter from comets directly into electricity according to Einstein's famous equation of mass times the speed of light squared or E = mc2.  Utilizing the present infrastructure, existing electrical power plants can be upgraded to Mirror Power Plants. Off-peak power can be used to make oxygen for commercial applications and hydrogen for motor vehicles. Mirror Power Plants will have two new source of income from selling oxygen and hydrogen. The Hydrogen Economy becomes reality as people use hydrogen to power their cars.

To achieve Energy Independence requires two hundred kilograms (440 pounds) of antimatter that will replace one billion tons of coal, 4 billion barrels of oil (11 million barrels per day), and 6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The environment will be cleaner.  Carbon dioxide and methane levels will be reduced by 3.8 billion tons or 53 percent from current levels: 2 billion tons or 90 percent from coal, 1.3 billion tons or 49 percent from oil, 0.5 billion tons or 25 percent from natural gas, and 70 million tons or 19 percent in nitrogen dioxide levels. The coal, oil, and natural gas will be used for making products and providing services. The United States Economy will grow from $13 trillion today to over $150 trillion within this century.  

With United States leadership, every country can be brought into the twenty-first century without destroying Earth�s environment. Mirror Power plants can desalt ocean water and produce fresh water that can turn deserts into forests, bountiful farmland, and thriving communities.  The World�s Economy will grow from $36 trillion today to over $3,000 trillion within the next hundred years. Million of businesses will create billions of jobs. However, the real benefits will come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them a World-Class Education, and empowering them to live out their dreams. For more information, please visit www.EnergyUSA.net.

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