Mirror Energy is going to
replace Coal and Oil

Energy USA

World Energy Economy

as the World's Primary
Sources of Energy.

   Executive Summary World Clean Energy Plan World Modernization Program


China Clean Energy Plan 

 United States Clean Energy Plan 

India Clean Energy Plan

Carbon Tax



100 Megawatt
1 Gigawatt
10 Gigawatt
Energy Parks

Mirror Energy

Explore Moon

Explore Mars



World Transportation (draft)

Cars, trucks and public busses, trains, ships, and aircraft would use clean energy efficient sources of energy, which temporary could include natural gas

bullet Electric Vehicle would be used. Tesla Motors manufactures Model S electric vehicles. The electric vehicle is a five-passenger sedan with a lithium-ion battery pack, gets 300 miles between charges, and is one of the most aerodynamic sedans ever built. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and other automakers would making energy efficient electric vehicles, SUVs and trucks. Electric vehicles are 95% efficient compared to 20% for gas burning cars.

For countries with natural sources of natural gas, natural gas could be used for cars and trucks. According to
Natural Gals Vehicles of America, 15 million cars and trucks in the World could be powered by natural gas.

Public and private transportation would use clean, efficient energy busses, trains and privates vehicles. Trains like
Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train would be high speed, energy efficient and travels at 320 kilometers per hour. Transportation systems would enable both pubic and private vehicles to travel without wasting billion of hours waiting in traffic jams.

bulletShips would use clean efficient energy. United States and other country have been using  clean energy in their ships for over fifty years. The fifteen largest cargo ships produce 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is the same quantity produced by 250 million vehicles in the United States.

bullet Airplanes would travel on milligrams of mirror fuel rather than thousands of tons of jet fuel. On long distance flight, fuel would be measured in milligrams rather than half the mass of aircraft flight. 

The  Space Economy would provide unlimited opportunities for humanity. Millions of people would be traveling in spacecraft to space stations orbiting Earth in minutes and communities on Moon in hours and Mars in days. Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Dream of traveling to the stars will become reality in the 21st century.


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