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For the United States to have a Low-Carbon Economy, utility companies need to stop burning coal, oil and natural gas in their power plants. As shown in the graphs, United States is not only wasting 57.5% of the energy that is produced wasted but burning of fossil fuels creates six billons of metric tons of carbon dioxide that are destroying Earthís environment. The initial goal is to reduce wasted energy from 57.5% to 15%.

Complements of U.S. Department of Energy, Energy information Administration

By upgrading fossil power plants to Mirror Power plants, which are three times more efficient and donít produce greenhouse gases; continuing to build hydrogen and electric vehicles, and improving energy efficiencies in homes, business and industrial applications, the following benefits can be realized:

Energy Demand is reduced by 50% from upgrading fossil power plants and making more efficient vehicles for transportation. Energy Efficiency increases from 42.5% to 85%. Another 10.5 million barrels per day or 3.7 billion barrels per year are saved.

Environmental: Carbon dioxide levels are reduced by 4 billion metric tons below 1990 levels: 2,300 million metric tons from upgrading fossil power plants 1,000 million metric tons from transportation sector; plus 600 million metric tons of nitrous oxides.

Economic: United States becomes major source of mirror energy and petrochemicals that help bring every country into the 21st century. The transformation of Americaís economy creates ten of millions of American high tech jobs.

Americanís leadership and technology helps countries move into the 21st century by improving their economies and increase peopleís standard of living. People begin to understand that the purpose of government, education, and business is to work collegiately together to help humanity.


American Energy Independence

World Low Carbon Economy

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