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China Clean Electric Power 

China could achieve Clean Energy by building and operating 1,400 Clean Power Plants. The power plants would be located where the energy demand is the highest to reduce the cost of transmission lines. Three manufacturing facilities would build three power plant per week or 150 per year. After ten to fifteen years, China could export the power plants to other countries. 

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bulletThorium & Uranium Power Plants would be 50% efficient and generate clean electricity cheaper than coal or about 3 cents per kilowatt. If process energy were used in people?s homes and businesses, the power plant?s efficiency could increase to 85%. Chemical companies could use process energy to make petroleum and consumer products.

1,200 Megawatt power plant, for example, would burn a metric
ton of thorium or uranium and would generate 10 Billion kilowatt-hours of electricity that is worth $1 billion at 10 cent per kilowatt. Power plant would reprocess the fuel onsite. The metric ton of waste would have 300-year lifetime compared to 10,000 to 100,000 years from nuclear power plants.

China's could use the spent fuel from their nuclear power plants plus depleted uranium, thorium, and plutonium left over from the cold war and processed it into fuel for the Thorium and Uranium power plants. There is enough natural sources of thorium and uranium to supply the China's energy needs for thousands of years.


Mirror Power Plants are three times more efficient than existing power plants. Matter and mirror matter are converted into Mirror Energy according to the mass times the speed of light squared. Using the same example, a 1,200 Megawatt power plant would use 200 grams of mirror fuel and would generate 10 billion kilowatt hours of electricity with an estimated value of $1 billion at 10 cent per kilowatt.

Existing f
ossil power plants could be upgraded. This would save both time and money by utilizing the existing infrastructure. After the power plants become operational, the existing builds, cooling towers, etc would be demolished. The excess property make available for homes, businesses, schools, and parks.

There is mirror matter to supply the World's energy needs for billions of years.

bulletHydroelectric, Solar, and Wind Hydroelectricity and other clean energy sources could supply a significant part of China's energy needs. The Three Gorges Dam hydroelectric facility, the largest hydroelectric project in the world is operational with a total maximum capacity of 22.5 GW. 687 Trillion watt hours of electricity was generated, which was 15% of the country's total electricity generation. 

Hydroelectric generates averages about 4% depending upon the weather. Solar, wind and other clean energy sources would supply about 1%.
Plans are to increase hydro capacity to 325 GW by the end of 2015.
Chinese companies plan to invest $65 billion in renewable energy projects in 2012. In addition, they plan to spend $473 billion on clean energy investments according to the country's Five-Year.

bulletIntelligent Grid would is used because the demand for electrical power is flat throughout the day and night. China reject United Nation's plans to implement a carbon dioxide emissions tax. Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans for United States Carbon Tax, China's electrical rates would have tripled to over 30 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The average cost of electricity is about 9 cents per kilowatt. The tariff for electrical rates varies: Non-residential was pegged at 0.74 Yuan (12 US cents),  non-industrial use at 0.77 Yuan (12 US cents), major industrial use at 0.61 Yuan (10 US cents), agricultural use at 0.43 Yuan (7  US cents), and  farmers in poor areas at 0.19 Yuan (3 US cents).


Carbon dioxide emissions would be significantly reduce the 15 billion metric tons coming coal power plans by converting the coal power plants into clean energy.


Economics In the United States, a 1,200 Megawatt power plant would cost about $1 billion. The actual cost of the power plant would depend upon cost of production in China.  China could offer companies a Tax Incentive that would enable companies to depreciate the new power plants over five years and have a five-year payback. After five years, the cash flow could be taxed at 50% and  generate tax revenue.

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Power is currently working with the Generation IV International Forum, an international collaboration on the next generation of nuclear power plants to meet the World?s future clean energy needs. The Office of Nuclear Power help with support from the  World Nuclear Association could enable China construct manufacturing facilities and building the 1,600 Thorium, Uranium or Mirror Energy Power Plants.


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