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Comet Meteor Showers

For thousands of years, people have been watched comet meteor showers and shooting stars when the Earth passing through the comet?s tails. The comet?s tails contains billions of matter and antimatter particles. The matter dust particles fall harmlessly to Earth.

However, thousands of antimatter particles collide in Earth?s upper atmosphere and produce electromagnetic discharges that are called Elves, Sprites, and Jets and shown in the following artist?s rendering. The discharges produce major lightning and thunder storms around the World.

Artist's rendition of various TLE types in the upper atmosphere (image credit: AGU, S. Nielson, et al.)

Comets are natural sources of antimatter. The announcement was made at the 2002 American Physical Society conference. Antimatter is composed of 92 antimatter elements, which have been incorporated into the updated Periodic Table Elements. Matter and antimatter convert into Mirror Energy according to the mass times the speed of light squared or E = mc2.

When comets obit the Sun, solar dust particles blast antimatter particles off the comet?s surface into the comet?s tails. The antimatter particles range in size from nanograms (billionth of gram) to large particles measured in grams. The Earth?s atmosphere protects people from the following types of electromagnetic discharges.  


Elves is a millisecond electromagnetic discharge of radiation that takes place 100 kilometers in the ionosphere and expand from 300 to 400 kilometers in diameter. The discharges are associated with Columniform Sprites and takes place when matter and antimatter first come in contract with each other. Elves is an acronym for Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources. The discharges excite both nitrogen and oxygen molecules.


Carrot and Columniform Sprites are enormous electromagnetic discharges taking place in the Mesosphere above the thunderstorms. Sprites were named after Puck in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Sprites are a reddish-orange or greenish-blue, with hanging tendrils below and arcing branches above. The electromagnetic discharges are produced by the conversion of milligrams of antimatter and matter into energy. The Sprites create ?positive lightning? from the positions (antimatter electrons with positive charge). Lightning moves up from the Earth into the clouds rather than from the clouds to the ground.


Gigantic jets are electromagnetic discharges that are about 70 kilometers above the Earth and lasted for about a second. The antimatter particles are traveling at 50 kilometers per second or the speed of lightning when it collides with the upper atmosphere. After the collision, there is a gigantic electromagnetic discharge where the jets shooting upward and downward at over 5,000 kilometers per second or one sixth the speed of light. The jets discharges produce ultraviolet emission lines. Nanograms of antimatter and matter are converted into energy. In 2001, scientists at Arecibo Observatory discovered the first gigantic jet. Since the discovery, thousands of gigantic jets have been observed.


Blue jets are narrow cones of electromagnetic radiation that also takes place above the thunderstorms. The jets range from 40 to 50 kilometers above the Earth?s surface. The blue jets are brighter than Sprites and produce thunderstorms. Less that a nanogram of matter and antimatter is converted into energy. They produce blue color and ultraviolet emission lines. The first discovery was made on October 21, 1989, by the Space Shuttle as it passed over Australia. Blue jets occur less frequently than sprites.

For more information on comet metro showers, the Google website has hundreds of articles and thousand of pictures. There is a list of meteor showers that includes the time of the year that the showers will be taking place. Peter Jenniskens has published a book entitled, Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets, that predictions future encounters for "meteor storms" and  "meteor outbursts" for the next fifty years.    


Matter & mirror matter, which is called antimatter by the scientific community, convert into Mirror Energy according to mass times the speed of light squared or E = mc2.  Mirror Energy provides clean efficient energy that can supply the World's energy needs for billions of years.


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