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News Release 11:
Hubble Captures Deep Impact's Collision with 9P/Tempel 1 Comet
July 25, 2005

On July 4, 2005, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured the collision between a 372 kilogram projectile released by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft and the 9P/Tempel 1 comet along with the spectacular nineteen-hour show. The collision confirms that comets are composed of antimatter. This is the greatest discovery since mankind discovered fire thousands of years ago. The Mirror Energy produced from the Deep Impact projectile's annihilation was 67 billion Giga-joules using Einstein's equation, E = mc2. The following sequence of images shows the comet before, during, and after the impact.

Hubble Monitors Evolution of Dust Plume Following Deep Impact's Collision with Comet  This is equivalent to all the energy used in the World for one year. The explosion blasted thousands of antimatter of the comet and scatter it over 3,200 kilometer into space

The annihilation of the antimatter and solar dust particles produced a nineteen-hour spectacular show that was observed by scientists around the World. The Mirror Energy produced was estimated to be over 20 trillion giga-joules or equivalent to all the energy that the World will be using in twenty-first century.

The Mirror Energy from the initial explosion and 19 hour spectacular show was a trillion times more the 19 Giga-joules that scientists had estimated. Mirror Energy explosion created gamma-rays, x-rays and spectrum of radiation, which includes light. The visible-light images were taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys' High Resolution Camera. When additional pictures become available, they will be posted along with their references. The gamma-rays, x-rays and the spectrum of radiation are orders of magnitude greater than the visible-light spectrum shown above.

Our plans are to send a spacecraft behind the comet to mine the thousands of tons of antimatter that were blasted off the comet. Since the orbits of Mars and the 9P/Tempel 1 comet will be intersecting each other in January 2022, we will also be evaluating the probabilities of antimatter colliding with Mars. To observe their obits, please advance the clock to January 2022.

NASA's Deep Impact collision with the 9/Tempel 1 comet confirms
comets are natural sources of antimatter.

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