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The problem is United States' 42.5% energy efficiency. Energy conservation efforts have focused upon energy savings for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, which are 75% efficient. However, the Transportation sector is 20% efficient; and Electric Power sector is 33% efficient. According to the graph, Transportation and Electric Power sectors waste over 14.7 trillion kilowatt-hours. At 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, the value of the wasted energy is $1.47 trillion.

Complements of U.S. Department of Energy, Energy information Administration

Today, 250 million motor vehicles and thousands of fossil power plants are burning billions of tons of coal, billions of gallons of oil, and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and producing billions of tons of carbon dioxide that are destroying our environment. If government, business and education leaders can work collegiately together as they did with the Internet, the solution is to improve motor vehicle�s and fossil power plant�s energy efficiencies by:

Having Tesla Motors, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and other automakers make millions of energy efficient hydrogen and electric passenger cars, SUVs and trucks. Since automakers are already making the vehicles, they need to mass-produce them for the customers to buy.

Having utilities companies build nuclear power plants and upgrading their fossil power plants to Mirror Power plants, which are three times more efficient and don�t produce green house gases. The additional power provides electricity or hydrogen for motor vehicles.

America achieves Energy Independence by reducing Foreign Oil consumption in half and the Low Carbon Economy by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by one billion metric tons by 2020 and another four billion metric tons or over 80% by 2050. Ten of millions of new jobs are created that stimulate United States� economy.

The solution can be replicated around the World in other countries.

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