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Comets are composed of hundreds of billion of metric tons of antimatter or mirror matter. The plan is to harvest antimatter from comets. Antimatter will be initially sold for $10 million per milligram to universities and national research laboratories compared to $36 trillion per milligram for making it. The cost to produce electricity would be about $200 per kilowatt hour, which is very expensive. With advancements in mining technology, the price of mirror matter will drop to under $1 million per gram, which means the price of electricity would be about 2 cents per kilowatt hour without including the capital costs. Twenty grams of antimatter (mass of four nickel) could operate a 100 megawatt electrical power plant for one year. .

Discovery  The announcement that comets are natural sources of primordial antimatter was made at April 2002 joint meeting of American Physical Society and American Astronomical Society.  Antimatter is a mirror image of matter. The update Periodic Table Matter-Antimatter Elements has 109 matter and 109 antimatter elements. Each antimatter element�s nuclear, physical, and chemical properties have been defined to such an extent that people know almost as much about antimatter as matter.  When matter and mirror come together, energy is created according to Einstein's famous equation of mass times the speed of light squared or E = mc2: The most efficient energy source in the universe.

Confirmation On July 4, 2005, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured the collision between a 372 kilogram projectile released by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft and the 9P/Tempel 1 comet along with the spectacular nineteen-hour show. The collision confirms that comets are composed of primordial antimatter. The Mirror Energy produced from the Deep Impact projectile's annihilation was 67 billion Giga-joules using Einstein's equation, E = mc2. This is equivalent to all the energy used in the United States for one year.  This is the greatest discovery since mankind discovered fire thousands of years ago

Spacecraft will be designed, manufactured, operated and tested before the launching the spacecraft into space to harvest mirror matter from comets. We plan to send a spacecraft into comet's tails to harvest antimatter that is being blasted off comets by the solar dust particles.

For the United States to achieve Energy Independence. 100 kilograms of mirror matter would be needed which would create a $200 billion United States market. Replacing the remaining fifty percent of fossil fuel would double the market to approximately $400 billion.  Since Europe�s economy is about the same as the United States, the European market would add another $400 billion.  If every country is going to be brought into the twenty-first century, the World Mirror Power demand would approximately $7 trillion. Assuming a modest growth rate, the World�s Mirror Power demand would be expected to $10 trillion Mirror Energy Market.

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