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During the last century, scientists and engineers have been studying the relationship between High Energy Physics and Astrophysics. The scientific evidence supports the Plasma Universe Model that is composed of similar quantities of matter and antimatter or mirror matter rather than the religious Big Bang Model where antimatter is assume to have mysteriously disappeared in a big bang. The Universe contains billions of galaxies.

Galaxies like the Milky Way Galaxy, which we live in, contains hundreds of billions of stars. Matter and antimatter holes in the center of galaxies are ejecting spiral arms of ambiplasma and stars into space. The plasma are ionized particles that represents about ninety-nine percent of the mass and stars that represent one parent of the mass. The Sun is one of the billions of stars in our galaxy

Stars like our Sun have planets orbiting them. The sun is located approximately 23,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth is one of the nine planets orbiting the Sun. The Sun contains approximately ninety-eight percent of the total solar system mass. In addition to Sun and planets in our solar system, there are contains asteroids and comets.

Comets are natural sources of antimatter or mirror matter, which is galactic dust that enters our solar system. We observe comets from the energy conversion taking place between matter and mirror matter. Comets orbiting the sun can be seen when the solar dust particles blast mirror matter off the comet's surface to form the plasma coma. The solar wind pulls the plasma off the coma into the tail of the comet. Sungrazer comets produce enormous explosions when they collide with planets and Sun.

Elements make up everything that we see. The Periodic Table of Matter-Antimatter Elements has 109 matter and 109 antimatter elements. Each antimatter element�s nuclear, physical, and chemical properties have been defined to such an extent that people know almost as much about antimatter as matter.  The antimatter element's their nuclear, physical, and chemical properties are identified and the superscript A was added before the element or symbol to indicates element is an antimatter element.

Elementary Particles are subatomic particles like electrons and protons that make up an elements. High Energy Physicists have identified the symmetrical building blocks and the force carriers that compose the fundamental constituents of matter and antimatter. There is symmetry between the matter and antimatter quarks and leptons. Protons and neutrons are composed of quarks. Electrons and positions are leptons.

Galaxies, stars, comets, elements, and elementary particles are pieces of a big puzzle. By understanding the relationship between the pieces and discovering the missing links, the pieces began to fit together and the picture took form. An example of missing link was the 108 antimatter elements that were incorporated into the Periodic Table of Matter-Antimatter Elements. Knowing that mirror matter could be a solid, liquid, gas or plasma lead to the discovery that comets are natural sources of antimatter or mirror matter .


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